Our formulations are based on botanical and natural extracts which seek maximum efficiency. Allergies are reduced and dermatological, clinical and paediatrical tests are taken.


We seek effectiveness, invest in technology, take care of every process and work alongside a team of experienced pharmacists, dermatologists, biologists…etc.


Beauty is in how we see the world and in how we want the present and future generations to see it. People feel confident, healthy and beautiful in a natural way. This is how we understand it.

Inspiring Beauty

We would like to be the fountain of inspirations and innovations. Making people live a healthy and happy life is our forever goal. We are here for you!

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Our Brands

The hair coloring which has triumphed. Making all women around the world happy

Delicate body care treatments.

Premium farmaceutical cosmetic

Anti-aging and volumen treatments for your lips

Advanced hair colors and hair treatments.

Dermocosmetic treatment for women.

Full line body care treatments for men.

Ecocert Certified Natural Cosmetic

Certified natural cosmetic for all the family

Facial and body care for delicate baby skin.

Upcoming Events

Cosmoprof - American Beauty Markerts in Miami