Body treatments developed specifically for each area of the woman body. VISIBLE RESULTS IN NO TIME.


E'lifexir, Attitude Matters.

Beauty is a matter of attitude.

Under this concept, in 2005, e'lifexir was launched as one of the most relevant brands in pharmacy channel to provide In & Out treatments.

Inspired to offer the best care to women in the world, we would like to make them feel more confident and look great every day.

Developed and formulated to specifically treat each area of ​​the woman body, elifexir products show that beauty is about taking care of ourselves in daily life, dedicating a moment in which the only thing that matters is ourselves and our happiness.

E'lifexir Lines

Offers beauty solutions for each part of women´s body. Products range from body slimmer, cellulitis reducer, fat burner, intensive body tanner…etc. Multi.active formulas with high penetration. Efficiency test, Developed under dermological contro. IN&OUT treatments.

Nutricosmetics and food supplements to make you shine from inside.

Natural cosmetics hypo-allergenic. Highly delicate care for baby skin.