Dr. Tree

Eco friendly and sustainible brand which caters to the delicate skin care need of the whole family.

Eco Conscious Values ​​and Spirits

Dr. Tree is a brand of eco-conscious values ​​and spirits. We stand at the forefront of sensitive skin care for the whole family and also thecosmetic movement "clean beauty", cosmetics that respects both skin and environment.

All Dr. Tree natural products are made with highly innovative effective formulas that protect the most sensitive skin care. With natural ingredients, it is ethically natural cosmetics and certified by Cosmos Ecocert.

Our Commitment

Dr. Tree is committed to Sustainability and to giving Solutions for this trend with products Of high dermatological value And solid shampoo formulas with Natural cosmetic certification.

We innovate by incorporating environmental protection in every step of production, promoting ecological and renewable materials, using green chemistry and promoting better management of natural resources.

Dr. Tree Lines

ECOCERT certified dermotological shampoo bar. Vegan beauty.

Natural care for the whole family.

ECOCERT certified nourishing shower gel bar for sensitive skin.