Laboratorios PHERGAL S.A. celebrates the visit of manico and the expansion of its catalog in the Panamanian market 🇵🇦

We are deeply excited to have received the visit of Manico S.A., our strong partner in Panama since 2019, at our facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz. This significant meeting not only strengthens our partnership, but also marks the introduction of new product ranges in the Panamanian market.

The Manico delegation enjoyed a comprehensive tour of our factory in Torrejón de Ardoz, where they were able to meet the entire team behind our brands. This very special day was led by María del Pino Navarro, our General Manager, and Diego Hoyos, the Training Manager.

Since 2019, Manico S.A has been a successful distributor of our Naturtint brand in Panama. The efficiency and reach of their distribution has been fundamental to our presence in that country. Now, we are excited to share that Manico S.A will expand its portfolio to include another of our leading brands, e’lifexir, starting in 2024.

Naturtint: Since its introduction in Panama, Manico S.A. has managed to position this ammonia-free permanent hair color as a preferred option for many women in the country. Thanks to its innovative Biobased formula, Naturtint has been well received and quickly adopted in the Panamanian market.

e’lifexir: This upcoming addition to Manico S.A.’s portfolio represents a significant expansion of its personal care product offering. With more than 20 years of experience, e’lifexir is a leader in the anti-cellulite market in Spain (*Source: IQVIA. Best-selling brand in the anti-cellulite market (PHARMACY AND PARAPHARMACY) year 2022 Sales Unit. In Spain) and we are excited to bring this high quality brand to Panamanian consumers.

We also took advantage of the visit to explore future strategies and opportunities, including digitalization plans led by Chen Yue, our Head of Digital. The day thus became an ideal ground for sowing the seeds of future joint projects.

We are excited about the opportunities this visit represents; a significant milestone in our collaboration with Manico S.A and in our commitment to bring high quality products to every corner of the world.