Phergal present at 3 points of the Seabed and Beach Cleanup, organized by Oceánidas.

Phergal present at 3 points of the Seabed and Beach Cleanup, organized by Oceánidas.

In our company we continue to work for the care of the environment. We choose raw materials of natural and sustainable origin, with which we produce products that take care of both the skin and the planet.

Dr. Tree perfectly represents these values, offering a wide range of hygiene and personal care products for sensitive and atopic-prone skin for the whole family, always with the best of nature. All its products have innovative, highly effective formulas, with natural ingredients and ethically certified Cosmos Natural Ecocert cosmetics.

Dr. Tree’s range of shampoos and solid gels are an example of our commitment to reducing the use of plastics and promoting more sustainable lifestyles: thanks to this commitment, we have eliminated the use of more than 485,065 plastic containers, saving more than 138,288 liters of water! And not only that, in terms of CO2 emissions reduction, we have managed to reduce the amount emitted in the transportation of trailers by more than 820 tons.

As it could not be otherwise, we will be present at 3 points of the Seabed and Beach Cleanup, organized by Oceánidas and to be held on June 1 and 2; and we will be represented by Dr. Tree, our most eco-friendly brand. In addition, all volunteers who come to the points where we are will have Dr. Tree t-shirts and backpacks!

We are proud to continue consolidating our commitment to sustainability and care for the planet; that is why, every year, we collaborate with Oceánidas, an NGO dedicated to the protection, research and dissemination of marine biodiversity. With this alliance we promote actions that protect and preserve our seas and oceans, reaffirming that every gesture counts. Since this alliance began, we have managed to remove 25.5 tons of waste from beaches and marine ecosystems.


Sign up for these dates and join us in the Seabed and Beach Cleanup!

Saturday June 1st in Valencia: Playa del Cabañal and Espigón Norte Marina Real from 9:30 hrs.
Saturday June 1st in Málaga: Espigón Torrequebrada, Rompeolas Sunset Beach and Laja Bermeja from 10:00 hrs.
Sunday June 2 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Las Teresitas Beach from 10:00 am.

In addition, in September we will be present at the Great International Seabed Cleanup, dates will be confirmed soon!


Join Phergal Laboratorios and Dr. Tree to keep our oceans and beaches cleaner!


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