Naturtint: Breaking records and crossing borders in the online marketplace.

Naturtint: Breaking records and crossing borders in the online marketplace.

Laboratorios Phergal, has consolidated its position as a global leader in more than 40 countries. Through its flagship brand, Naturtint, it has not only achieved exceptional sales results, but has also stood out as a pioneer in sustainability and efficacy. Their e-commerce internationalisation strategy has been a key pillar in this achievement, catapulting the company to new horizons of success. 

In the global events arena, the brand has made an undeniable mark. During Amazon Prime Day 2023, for example, Naturtint was positioned as the second best-selling product in the colouring category. This achievement contributed to Amazon’s all-time sales record. In addition, the brand has been able to take advantage of other promotional opportunities such as Black Friday and exclusive partnerships such as the Amazon Beauty advent calendar to expand its market presence. 

This expansion is not limited to Amazon; Laboratorios Phergal has diversified its presence in various marketplaces, including Mercadolibre, Lazada, Tmall, Shopee and Walmart. This growth has been boosted by programmatic advertising campaigns that have resulted in a 20% increase in sales and a 50% increase in brand recognition. At the same time, the company has strengthened its presence in physical shops through alliances with large distributors such as Holland & Barret (with more than 1,300 shops in 16 countries, including the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands), Whole Foods (with more than 460 shops in the United States, Canada and the UK) and Wells (with more than 250 shops in Portugal), as well as its expansion in Spain within the pharmacy channel. 


In terms of sustainability and innovation, Naturtint has distinguished itself by being the first national colouring product with Biobased certification. Its ammonia-free formula, enriched with 100% botanical oils, underlines the brand’s commitment to sustainability, an increasingly relevant concern for global consumers. 


In terms of digital visibility, Laboratorios Phergal focuses on content optimisation and customer engagement, improving its conversion rate and rating on Amazon. The company’s agility to adapt to changes in the digital market has been evidenced by its success in events such as Prime Day 2023. 


Therefore, Laboratorios Phergal has established, through its Naturtint brand, an e-commerce internationalisation model that is both effective and sustainable. With innovative digital marketing tactics, a robust multi-marketplace presence and a strong focus on sustainability, the company is an outstanding candidate for the Best E-commerce Internationalisation Strategy Award. 


On Amazon Prime Day 2023, Naturtint, the flagship brand of Phergal Laboratories, achieved unprecedented success by ranking as the second best-selling product in the hair colour category. This achievement was especially significant considering that, over the two-day event, customers purchased more than 375 million items globally, underlining Naturtint’s relevance in this mass market arena. 

Naturtint’s remarkable performance extends beyond one-off events; the brand has recorded a staggering 100% increase in sales year on year through Amazon. This growth is not only a feat in itself, but also represents a sustained 40% increase through 2022 on Phergal Laboratories’ own marketplace channel. In addition to its performance on Amazon, Naturtint has consolidated its international presence, establishing itself in more than 40 countries and expanding into other marketplaces such as Mercadolibre, Lazada, Tmall and Walmart. This has strengthened its reach in different regions, such as North America and Australia. 


This international expansion has been powered by effective programmatic advertising strategies that have generated an increase in sales of more than 20% and a growth in brand recognition of 50%. In addition, these campaigns impacted over 8 million unique users in the UK alone, demonstrating a unique ability to capture the attention of the market. 


On the ratings and conversions front, Naturtint has significantly improved its position on Amazon, becoming one of the leaders in the beauty section. This improvement has been driven by continuous work on content optimisation and addressing frequently asked questions from customers, which has led to an increase in the brand’s conversion rate. 

Naturtint is also distinguished by its focus on sustainability. The brand is the first national colouring brand to be Biobased certified, which not only aligns the company with ethical and ecological standards but also becomes a strong selling point. 


The results of Laboratorios Phergal and its Naturtint brand in the field of e-commerce internationalisation are undeniable. Its success is manifested in impressive sales growth, solid global expansion and effective advertising strategies that have raised both visibility and brand recognition. All these elements collectively make Laboratorios Phergal an exemplary case in the world of international e-commerce. 

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