Phergal Laboratories sets the standard in sustainability with clean energy and responsible production initiatives.

Phergal Laboratories sets the standard in sustainability with clean energy and responsible production initiatives.

With the growing challenge of climate change and the urgent need to preserve our natural resources, environmental responsibility has become an imperative for the business world. Companies not only have the ability but also the obligation to lead the way towards more sustainable practices. In this scenario, Laboratorios Phergal emerges as an outstanding example, adopting concrete measures and positioning itself at the forefront of a responsible business trend that is necessary in our times.


Its initiative to install solar panels in its facilities is a tangible demonstration of this commitment. This strategic action promises to reduce more than 1147.9 tonnes of CO2 over the 20-year lifetime of the photovoltaic panels, marking a significant milestone in reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment.


Through one of its flagship brands, Dr. Tree, Laboratorios Phergal has consolidated its sustainable philosophy. The brand, recognised in the field of «clean beauty», emphasises skin care and respect for the planet. Dr.Tree has achieved a synergy between innovation, research, and the use of natural ingredients, ensuring quality skin care products for the whole family, including the most sensitive, and at the same time, promoting environmental awareness.


Since its origin, Dr. Tree has been a pioneer in sustainability, being one of the first brands to obtain the Cosmos Ecocert certification. It has implemented sustainable practices in its production, using recyclable packaging and developing products with 99.7% natural origin. This approach demonstrates the viability of a balance between personal well-being and respect for the planet.


Similarly, Laboratorios Phergal has demonstrated a deep commitment to ocean conservation, working closely with organisations such as Oceánidas. Since 2021, the company has supported the Marine Watchers Network project, focused on reducing the presence of plastics on beaches and oceans.


In addition to its commitment to the conservation of the oceans and the environment, it extends its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to various humanitarian and social initiatives. It collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in housing and female integration projects in India, with Acción contra el Hambre in assisting needy populations, and with the Stanpa Foundation in supporting women with cancer in its «Ponte Guapa, Te Sentirás Mejor» workshop. It also participates in the Order of Malta’s «Lebanon Project», assisting people affected by conflicts and refugees, and supports Mamás en Acción in its work of accompanying hospitalised children. These collaborations reflect the company’s broad vision and ongoing commitment to contribute to a fairer, healthier and more sustainable world.

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