Our digital transformation, awarded as one of the best projects in the ‘Digital Beauty Awards' 2021

Our digital transformation, awarded as one of the best projects in the ‘Digital Beauty Awards’ 2021

We are very happy to share the news that on September 23, the professional jury of the Digital Beauty Awards of the Beauty Cluster chose Laboratorios Phergal as one of the Best Digital Transformation Projects in the beauty sector. An award that recognizes the great work that the our team has been carrying out.

And this award also recognizes and endorses us as an exemplary digitization business project and a case of success in the sector, which would not have been possible without the efforts and commitments of our General Director, María del Pino Navarro, and our Global Digital Manager, Chen Yue, as well as the entire team who passionately contributes to the digital development.

Phergal Laboratorios has embarked on a great digital transformation project, implementing the most advanced technologies in all its manufacturing, storage and transportation processes. At the internal level, it has included digital tools in its day-to-day life that help create a better user experience.

Taking advantage of the knowledge acquired from international ecommerce, we have been able to apply these learnings through three channels: own ecommerce, marketplaces and e-retailers platforms, managing to create a solid base in which the benefits and differential value are detailed, achieving a growth of sales by more than 300% in the last two consecutive years.

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