Laboratorios Phergal's glamorous appearance at INFARMA 2022

Laboratorios Phergal’s glamorous appearance at INFARMA 2022

After two years without being able to celebrate INFARMA in person, we were eager to meet with all our colleagues from the pharmacy sector. For this reason, the PHERGAL team prepared this moment in style, with great enthusiasm and accompanied by some of our brand ambassadors who left no one indifferent.

The 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March 2022 have been engraved in our minds. The accumulation of good times, reunions, face-to-face meetings, mixed with the occasional moment of celebration as a team and with our most loyal customers, have helped us to remember how much we missed each other, how much we have endured the distance and how hard we have worked to overcome the less good times.

During these days, we attended INFARMA 2022, the event for the pharmaceutical industry par excellence. It took place at IFEMA (Madrid) and there was time for everything: visits, business, presentations and campaign launches. Especially the latter, since the first cycle of the year has served us to prepare the different campaigns that we wanted to show, as a novelty, during the fair; to give our brands the place and recognition they deserve.

With a great deal of enthusiasm and coordination work involving the entire team of our laboratories, we designed an elegant stand: wood, white tones that give a feeling of spaciousness, sample products, displays full of our star treatments, screens to reproduce the audiovisual campaigns, as well as spaces with high tables to receive our guests and show them the new products.

During the first day we were happy to see the response from pharmacists. The IFEMA space
was packed to the rafters and we kept receiving customers interested in our products, all of us sharing the excitement of being there again and sharing proposals, needs and future plans for our businesses.

The second day, which is always the busiest, we had a surprise in store. Some star guests who illuminated the entire hall and gave us the touch of glamour that all visitors will remember for the excitement that permeated the atmosphere. If you haven’t heard about the big moment yet, we’ll tell you about it: 

Our ambassadors Carmen Lomana, Eugenia Osborne and Desiré Cordero (image of the new e’lifexir&me campaign) stopped by the Laboratorios Phergal stand to meet and greet all our customers. During their time with us, they did not hesitate to explain to the attendees the reasons why they are fans and ambassadors of our brands, they showed them the effects of the treatments on their skin and, of course, they took some photos with all those who came to greet them.

From the moment they arrived, we were able to experience first-hand the sensation of being surrounded by the spotlight, the press and the elegance that accompanies celebrities. Carmen Lomana was the first to arrive and decided to send a message to her followers through Instagram stories to show our stand and tell us more about her daily routine with the DD Cream Nude Skin Perfection by Atashi Cellular Cosmetics. As the visitors identified her, they didn’t hesitate to capture the moment with their cameras, and Carmen, close to everyone, was explaining the reasons why she uses our 8 in 1 facial treatment every day.Next to stop by was our dear friend Eugenia Osborne. She filled the stand with colour with her look and quickly started to share the new products she liked the most about E’lifexir, Minucell Extreme captivated her, without any doubt.

And finally, Desiré Cordero, the model who is the face of our e’lifexir&me campaign that celebrates the real and natural beauty of women this season. Those of us present at INFARMA were lucky enough to be able to see the celebrity in person next to the display on which she appears, in extra-large size shining and giving light to our stand at the fair.

After this great day we couldn’t have gone to sleep happier and more satisfied for being part of a team, of a family, that is making strong progress in the pharmaceutical sector. To have so many people happy with the products and their results is our best reward. And seeing that stand full was an extra shot of energy to keep fighting for our beloved brands.

On the 24th, the last day of the fair, we said goodbye after a hard day of training in which we received students from different careers related to the pharmaceutical world. They are the ones who will forge the path of the industry in the future and who have to start knowing all the work behind the treatments, products, their development, distribution and continuous improvement.

This open day has helped us to reinforce the roots of our profession, and to remember that we all started at some point and we are creating our path through the learning that companies like PHERGAL, always willing to support talent, provide us with.

Now we can only continue to dream of future face-to-face events, where sharing information and knowledge will be much more personal, as it was before.


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